Mega Moto's MM-B80 Mini BIke Buyers Guide

The Mega Moto 80cc Mini Bike is one of the first mini bike products we ever made. It’s affordable, safe, and lots of fun to ride. Our mini bikes are built to last and can be used in both urban and suburban environments. Mega Moto mini bikes are purchased and ridden all over the country. 

Mini Bike Features

The MM-B80 mini bike has an 80cc engine with 2.5 HP and a 4 stroke overhead valve. The mini bike has a max speed of 23 miles per hour and an easy pull start to get the bike going. All of our mini bikes include a large, comfortable seat for a smooth easy ride. While our 80cc mini bike is designed for a younger audience, you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy riding a Mega Moto. 

Why Mini Bikes Make the Perfect Gift According to a recent study by Nielsen, the average American spends over 10  hours a day looking at a screen. The amount of screen   time is only getting worse - the report reveals a   dramatic one-hour increase   over last year in how often the average American   consumes digital media. More and more now you   see kids as young as 3 years old occupied with  an iPad or mobile device in both public and   private spaces. While these devices can be great ways to occupy time, over-consumption is bad   news for both children and adults alike. This is   one of the great things about Mega Moto mini   bikes; they’re great for all ages and connect you   with your inner child, no matter how old you are. Riding a mini bike fosters a feeling of elation and f reedom that can't be found on a television or an iPhone. Stepping away from the notifications and dull blue buzz for a ride around the block or down to the creek is both rewarding and refreshing. 

Our mini bikes are also a great way to get around the neighborhood and other short-trip rides. Check with your local authorities to determine where you're able to ride your mini bike. 

After You Buy Your Mini Bike

After you've purchased your 80 cc mini bike, make sure you get the product registered. If you questions about your bike you can best reach us at 

We want you to share where you’re riding, so make sure you tag us on social media and use the hashtag #megamotousa when you post about your bike!